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Alberta Registry Services

Corporate Registry Services

At Didsbury Registries, we offer all levels of Alberta corporate
registry services. Our friendly staff can process your corporate requests immediately when accredited members of our team are on-site. In most cases, our turn around time is 24-48 hours.

We offer CORES level 1, CORES level 2, & CORES level 3 services and are proud to
serve the Didsbury area in Alberta. Many of our services can be processed over email or fax. Contact us using the form below.

CORES Level 3

Expired Corporation Revival with Reinstatement

Has your Alberta company been “struck” due to inactivity or failure to file Corporate Annual Returns? We can help. At Didsbury Registies, we can revive your and reinstate your Alberta company quickly. Alleviate stress by letting us do the heavy lifting. 

CORES Level 1

Annual Returns

Is it that time of year? We handle filing of annual returns
for any Alberta Corporation. An annual return is a yearly filing and verification of company details like address and phone numbers and more importantly to update and changes in shareholders or share structures.

CORES Level 2


Thinking of Incorporating your own company? We can help you from beginning to end. We can access government systems to check if the name you want to incorporate your business is taken. Register your company and upload your share structure. You can also choose a numbered company if you prefer.

CORES Level 1

Trade Name Registration

Want to register a Trade Name company? At Didsbury Registries we can help you with that. A trade name is used when an individual does business under a name other than their own personal name. 

CORES Level 2

Extra Provincial Registrations

If you have a corporation registered in British Columbia or Saskatchewan, you must register your corporation online with Service Alberta.
We can register all other provincial or federal corporations. 

CORES Level 3

Corporate Mergers & Structure Changes

Acquired a business or need to amalgamate an existing corporation? Our staff at Didsbury Registries are specialist in completing any CORES level 3 services